7th February 2017

Is your site working?

I’m not asking if you type in your browser does your website load, I’m asking does your website work for you, is it proving itself to be a valued asset for your business or is it just something you have?

Defining goals for your site is essential, without goals your site has no purpose and in turn no point. Defining goals can be tricky especially if they’re very specific, tracking their success can be a little technical but having broad overarching goals for your site should be fairly simple.

For example; if you’re an e-commerce site the overarching goal which sits above everything else is to simply make sales, tracking is simple and again should be defined, do you wish to discover who you’re audience is, where your audience is coming from or what your audience is looking for. All this data and more is trackable it simply needs to be defined and the correct tools utilised to measure and record the results.

Why is tracking and achieving goals important?

If you’re not achieving your goals then you need to make changes, if it turns out your audience who’s making purchases on your site are actually millennials yet you’ve been targeting the older generation then data will inform you of this, in turn informed decisions can be made to make a positive impact on your site.

If you need help either defining goals for your site, or perhaps you need help measuring data on your site let us know and we can certainly help.

Author James Duffell


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