Superfast Lancashire

The Superfast Lancashire Business Support team were looking for a team that can not only present a series of full and half day workshops, but a team that are knowledgeable in their fields to the point that they can deliver that content and a wealth more in a variety of formats for users of the programme to pore and work through at their leisure.

3ManFactory Superfast Lancashire Workshop

We deliver a variety of workshops from social media for business to digital marketing more generally, including a selection focusing on specific networks. Additionally, we play a huge part in populating and developing the online portal the business support programme boasts. Initially being brought on board to provide content for the portal, we have since had our roles and responsibility here increased to the point where we now lead the portal content side of the programme, assisting other agencies in the creation and delivery of their products.

Superfast Lancashire Portal Content

The workshops and portal content we have been responsible for have been extremely well received, the feedback we’ve garnered from attendees at the workshops has been fantastic and we’ve created quite the reputation amongst the business communities that are put through the programme in Lancashire.


Superfast Lancashire
  • Business engagement 2013-2015
  • Brand activation
  • Fibre broadband uptake 2013-2015

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