Fake News4.4.17

The Future of Fake News

Fake news spread like wildfire during and following the US election. People from all corners of the world were publishing hoax and factually inaccurate stories all over the internet in an attempt to make money and potentially sway the outcome of the election. But, now […]

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Fake News31.3.17

How To Debunk Fake News 🔎

Why do we need to debunk it? We’ve covered the impact of fake news and its origins but how do we deal with it in our personal life and from a business perspective. Not debunking fake news can have many negative consequences, particularly from a business […]

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Fake NewsMarketing and PR28.3.17

The Impact Of Fake News On Marketing/PR

Following the huge rise is fake news stories in the mass media and online, a number of questions have arisen around the impact it’s played and will continue to play on the marketing and PR industry. Will people switch off altogether? Does it call for […]

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Fake News24.3.17

Fake News & The US Election

There’s one event that comes to mind when you think of fake news and that’s the US election, during the build up we saw a huge surge in fake stories relating to both candidates. When the President was announced, you couldn’t help but question whether this […]

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Fake News20.3.17

The Rise of Fake News 📰

2016 saw a huge rise in the number of fake news stories all over the internet. It’s been blamed for the outcome of the US election by a number of people and is the reason why a 28-year-old father of two walked into a pizzeria […]

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AwardsBusinessSocial Media8.3.17

How We Prepare for the Red Rose Awards 🌹🏆

If you follow us on social media or read our blog, you’ll know we’ve been waxing lyrical about our work with this year’s Red Rose Awards. If you don’t, we’re Social Media Partners for Lancashire’s leading business award ceremonies. This means we’re running the Red […]

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BusinessCommentaryFactory Floor6.3.17

In Honour of National Apprentice Week, say hello to our Business Admin Apprentice!

To celebrate National Apprenticeship week, starting Monday 6th March, here is some information on what an apprenticeship is, how important they are and what it is like to be an apprentice. An apprenticeship is where a person, of any age, decides to start a career […]

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Prolific North 2017 – Round Up

Didn’t make it to Prolific North? Don’t worry, we’ll give you a catch up on everything you missed out on! Our MD, Nathaniel Cassidy and Technical Director, James Duffell attended the event and caught some of the best bits on show. Prolific North Live is […]

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Is your site working?

I’m not asking if you type in your browser does your website load;  I’m asking does your website work for you? Is it proving itself to be a valued asset for your business or is it just something you have? Defining goals for your site is essential […]

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Why do we build in WordPress?

There are arguments for and against different CMSs and WordPress is certainly no exception, rather than whey up pros and cons of all these different platforms I thought I’d go over why we use WordPress for the majority of our builds, so you can see […]

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