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Key issues with marketing metrics

What Are The Key Issues In Measurement Metrics?

The fact of the matter is, metrics are a must-have in marketing. Not only do they increase your competitive intelligence and make the unpredictable world […]

Hannah Robinson

What are AVE and Vanity Metrics and Should We Measure Them In PR?

“We don’t want much, we just want to be in all the papers, on the front page of the internet – oh and if you […]

Gem Bend
Web Performance

4 Reasons Why Monitoring Web Performance Matters

What is web performance? Quite simply, web performance refers to how long it takes a web page to download and display content on a user’s […]

Hannah Robinson
The benefits of social media analytics and metrics in marketing

What Are The Benefits Of Social Media Analysis To Marketing And Communication Professionals?

Social media analysis: the act of collecting data from online social networks and evaluating them in terms of your business’ goals and objectives, and using the […]

Becky Nolan
Metrics are vital in Marketing

What Are Marketing Metrics and Why Do They Matter?

As any effective marketer should know, metrics are the foundation of any successful marketing campaign. You wouldn’t dream of having Ant without Dec, or fish […]

Hannah Robinson
The EU and the General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR and Marketing: How Will The Change In Legislation Affect Your Company?

GDPR – these four little letters are inducing widespread panic in marketing companies across the UK.  But, as they’re whispered during secret soirees at the […]

Hannah Robinson

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intelligent independent marketing

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