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Essential WordPress Plugins: Liveblog

WordPress has just released its own Liveblog tool, which further expands the dynamic range of tools already available. For self hosted blogs you’ll find that this is a downloadable plugin and isn’t currently part of a root install of WordPress.

The Liveblog plugin utilizes the functionality of a standard post, which when published presents you with a new front end view allowing you to publish live updates straight from the posts front end, which will be timestamped every time they’re published. Although there’s only the option to publish content you can either manually embed media or alternatively drag and drop content which will be embedded.

If you’re viewing a Liveblog stream you’ll find that you don’t even need to refresh the page to get the most recent content, as all future content since loading the page will automatically get pushed to viewers of the stream.

For the first release of this is plugin it’s certainly very impressive but there’s certainly room for expansion, with any luck future releases may even include the ability to embed a range of media from different online tools via a kitchen sink sort of interface.

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