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3ManFactory Becomes 3MoFactory (Movember)

So it is the beginning of a new month… so what I hear you all cry! It’s only November the pre Christmas month filled with weeks of fireworks from the 5th onwards; well up until 2004 you’d have been right but since then November has become Movember as groups of intrepid men boldly put their top lips to work raising awareness and money for mens cancers by growing a mo. (a mo is the official Movember term for a moustache for the uninitiated)

What started as a small charity event in Australia has become a worldwide movement, looking to not only highlight issues with mens cancer but also to promote ideals of gentlemanly behaviour and conduct. This year the three amigos (myself, Tom & James), will be taking part and intent on not tinkering with the top lip for a full month.

Movember at 3ManFactory

What Challenge?

I hear you ladies, “how hard can it be to do nothing?” I don’t even know where to begin with this one. Over centuries, we’ve perfected nothing to be more than nothing.  We’re well groomed males who spend hours in a week grooming and making ourselves look as presentable as possible, so to sit there in front of our monitors allowing our top lips run riot is going to be a test of character. It’s a test of manhood. A test that we can’t guarantee the three of us will make it through to the other side.

Help Us

On a serious note, between the three of us, we’re trying to make a real impact; the kind that with the donation of a couple of pounds can really help make a difference. The other aim is to raise awareness, so when we’re asked about our faces, the hair or lack of hair, we’ll talk about the Movember campaign to support men’s health awareness (specifically prostate and testicular cancer).

If you’d like to sponsor this heroic effort, we’ve got a team page on the official Movember website and any donation would be truly appreciated. You can also join our team if you want to help us spread the word, raise some money and grow a mo,the last is only applicable if you’re a man obviously!

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