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What You Need to Know About Instagram Web Profiles

On the 5th of November Instagram previewed brand new web profiles for selected accounts (including @nike, @cucinadigitale, @mycookingdiary & @palomaparrot – and now mine!). Today sees the first wave of these profiles being released.

Tom Stables gets the new Instagram web profile

For the first time, users will have a web profile (which was previously only available through the mobile application). Your profile contains a stream of photos, selected content from your profile and will exclude gender, phone, email and date of birth.

It is worth noting that you still cannot upload via the web interface; Instagram have stated that they are “focused on the production of photos from mobile devices,” suggesting there aren’t any foreseeable plans to introduce such functionality.

What’s My URL?

Your URL will simply be the username you signed up with and will take the format,  http://instagram.com/your_username  For example, mine is http://instagram.com/tstables. It’s worth noting that because of this new, shiny web presence,  many users will be seeking to change their username so now is a good time to stake your claim (which you can do in your account settings).

So what do you think to the profiles? I’m instantly sold – they’re a visually appealing and engaging space which I know I will spend time browsing.

Written by Tom Stables

Article by Tom Stables


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