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Delicious Receives a Makeover

In September 2011 Delicious received a complete redesign after it was purchased by AVOS Systems, a refreshed feel which the ageing site was long overdue. The team have now given the site a 2nd complete overhaul, a move which sees the site reverting back to its original feel (well the design wise anyway). Below you can see a screen shot of my profile skinned with the demo site Delicious are currently allowing users to preview.

A brand new Delicious design

The Delicious team have revealed that the site is a work in progress, with some key features from Delicious still to be included, however here are a few notes from the official blog as to the benefits of the new design.

Community Matters
The Delicious community is a passionate bunch – consuming millions of links every day while collecting the best content on the net. In the future, we’ll make it easier for users to not only save their own links, but to discover the most interesting bits and bytes on the web by leveraging the crowd-sourced wisdom of our community.

Need for Speed
We want Delicious to be fast. Really fast! To that end, we rewrote the codebase and streamlined the user interface. Content now renders instantly and can be consumed in a single pageview – making it even easier to navigate the site.

Mobile Friendly
With our new iOS app (currently in development) users will be able to access their links wherever they go, and we have a roadmap in place to improve the way Delicious is consumed across a multitude of devices. So whether you’re an Apple fan or an Android loyalist, don’t worry, we have you covered!

If you head over to you can see the profile in action.

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