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3Man (and a Little Lady) Factory

I’m 3ManFactory’s new Little Lady, Liz!

After getting to know the 3 guys over the summer I decided to pester them for a job until they gave up and welcomed me into their busy little factory. I’m currently a PR with Journalism student at the University of Central Lancashire, studying and working nearly full time. I have previously worked within the Higher Education sector the in-house PR, digital marketing and brand awareness  at Lancaster University. I found this sector really interesting but I wanted to spread my wings and experience agency life.

I’ve been here at 3ManFactory for a week now, and in this time I have been working my way through their social media, getting to grips with the accounts and eating far too many sweets.Whilst I’m here I’m going to be throwing myself into as many of the projects as possible, and will be helping Tom with the Preston Social events, so those of you that attend will be seeing my little round face quite often.

Written by Liz Welch

Article by Liz Welch


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