MailChimp Adds Drag and Drop for Even Easier Email Marketing

We love MailChimp at 3ManFactory… in fact we’re approved MailChimp Experts, which actually means we are hardcore MailChimp nerds. One of the things that we love most about it is how easy they make it for anyone to get involved with email marketing.

So how do they make it easy?

  • They offer a completely free plan to get you started! I know; how often do you actually get something for nothing?
  • There is a great range of templates ready to use and really easy to modify. Obviously, if you want something more custom give us a shout. 😉
  • You can integrate all your social networks in only a few clicks.
  • Data on opens and clicks is automatically gathered, so you can easily asses the success of your campaigns.

In November, they made things even simple by adding drag and drop functionality for designing newsletters, helping make it easier for everyone to quickly put together a really professional looking design in moments.

Mailchimp - Drag & drop

MailChimp drag & drop options

So if you haven’t used MailChimp before I urge you to sign up and have a go, and if you find you’d like a bit of help getting started or getting more out of it get in touch.

Article by Nathaniel Cassidy


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