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New Twitter Image Filters: Eat Your Heart Out Instagram

We recently blogged about Twitter’s little fracas with Instagram (and other third party folk) but today might provide the answer as to the growing rift between the two networks: Twitter have launched the widely rumoured image filters which are powered by Aviary (who develop image-editing software for photo-sharing platforms including Flickr).

So what filters can you expect?

No Filter

Twitter Image Filter No Filter


Twitter Image Filter Vignette

Black & White


Twitter Image Filter Warm


Twitter Image Filter Cool


Twitter Image Filter Vinatge


Twitter Image Filter Cinematic


Twitter Image Filter Happy


Twitter Image Filter Gritty

Other Features

Similarly to Instagram, you are able to apply a one touch contrast/brighness boost by tapping the wand. On Twitter image filters, you are also able to crop your image as you see fit and aren’t constrained by the squared image basis of Instagram.

Although images aren’t the mainstay of Twitter, it’s evident that they are keen to keep up with Facebook’s Instagram – we wonder how much of the user base they’ll lure from Instagram, or will people (as we profess) use the platforms with different objectives in mind?

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