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Great British Bake Off ‘Winner’ Causes Twitter War!

Tonight will see clothes designer Frances, psychologist Kimberly and student Ruby battle it out to become champion of series 4 of the BBC’s Great British Bake Off. After weeks of buns, baps and barm-cakes, the pre-recorded show comes to a head on BB2 at 8.00pm tonight, with an 8 million avid viewers expected to tune in to see who judges Mary Berry & Paul Hollywood crown as the winner. However, it seems that rival TV patisserie chef Raymond Blanc could just have stolen Paul & Mary’s thunder, after appearing to reveal the winner in a tweet that sent bake-off fans crazy!

Although not using names, viewers will know that the comment about tears is aimed at 21 year old Ruby, who appears to have suffered with her confidence throughout the series, despite being crowned Star Baker on a trio of occasions  She didn’t take the apparent criticism lying down, and hit back, albeit ignoring his claim she became the series winner.

Judge Paul Hollywood too had something to say, expressing wonderment at how Blanc, the star of a handful of ITV’s cooking programmes, knew the outcome of the show, which so far has been kept under wraps.

As millions of fans took to Twitter to express their dismay at the probable early reveal of the winner, Blanc appears to have started a war. Henceforth, he has blamed a breakdown in communication;

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