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November 1st. Those of you that are familiar with us here at 3ManFactory will know that doesn’t just mean the start of another month, it means the razors are out, the beards are gone and the mo’s are back – for Tom (^TS) and Nathaniel (^NC) at least! All in aid of raising awareness for mens cancer ^NW and ^TS will be donning moustaches for the entire month, whilst myself, James (^JD) and Aiysha (^AA) will be supporting them, raising awareness for our Movember team and helping to raise funds and awareness for this fantastic campaign.

As many of you may know, 3ManFactory won’t be hiding their preened top lips in the office all month, ^TS and ^NW will be here there and everywhere delivering workshops, masterclasses and speaking at events all month – so if you spot them out and about don’t be shy in pointing out their mo’s! Our aim as a team is to raise awareness – awareness of the campaign and the cancers it’s helping to combat. By talking about what we’re doing you’re helping to spread the message!

Many may be fooled into thinking simply forgoing a shave on the top lip isn’t really up there, with the marathon runners, head shavers and mountain climbers when it comes to raising money. But, anyone who knows ^TS and ^NW will be able to tell you differently. ^TS loves his beard – he never has a clean shaven face… ever. ^NW, although not as fuzzy faced, isn’t shy of a bit of male preening – he does work in marketing after all! The lads undertook this very same challenge last year and it was a success, you can check out some of the photos here – but to keep up to date with how this years campaign is looking check back to the blog regularly – we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop with regular pictures, updates and laughs between now and the end of November.

Check out our team page on the official Movember site to look at the mo’s in progress, donate or even join in!



Article by Gem Bend


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