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Favourites to Likes on Twitter

In a short and honest blog post from Twitters products manager Akarsham Kumar the company has revealed that the platforms Favourite function has been removed and replaced with a Likes function which will bring the platform into alignment with the functionality already seen on other social media networks, including Facebook & LinkedIn.

In the post Akarsham (aka @akik) acknowledges that “at times the star could be confusing, especially to newcomers”, with the functionality being left up to each individual user to decide on how they’d best like to utilise the functionality.

The functionality could already be found on Twitters Periscope, with this move seeing the functionality being brought to both Twitter and Vine.

It’s fair to say that reaction to this change has been mixed, with some commentators marking it as a further step towards Twitter’s downfall, with others obsessing over the implications of the change from neutrally starring something vs loving something and heart-ing it. The general consensus in our office seems to be that it won’t make much of a difference and in a few weeks time people will be worrying and bitching about something else, probably Facebook slightly changing their user interface.

Let us know your thoughts, do you like the new heart button or was your favourite the old method?

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