It’s Time to Celebrate World Emoji Day! 😃 🎉

To celebrate World Emoji Day, we exercised our creative muscles and took three of the most iconic television advertisements of recent years, and decided to give them a reimagined emoji make-over! 📺

World Emoji Day – Rowntree Randoms by 3ManFactory from 3ManFactory on Vimeo.

Emoji’s are used by millions of people every single day, which is why July 17 (the famous date displayed on the ‘calendar’ emoji), has been crowned ‘World Emoji Day’. If you’ve not been caught up in the revolution, emojis are small digital images or icons which are used to express an idea or emotion when communicating digitally. With a total of 2,372 emojis included in the latest iOS 10.3 update, the possibilities are truly endless!👍🏼

To some, these little images may just seem like a bit of fun, but the emoji revolution has changed the way we use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat📱. In fact, half of all comments on Instagram now include an emoji, and a huge five billion emojis are sent daily on Facebook Messenger. With this in mind, ‘Emoji’ could be considered one of the fastest growing languages in the UK because more and more people are opting to use emojis as a creative, shorthand method of communicating a range of complex thoughts, emotions and responses.

Due to their popularity on social media, emojis are synonymous with younger generations, particularly since 86% of emoji users on Twitter are 24 or younger. However, research is finding that emojis are steadily infiltrating into other demographics too, with 68% of 30-35 year olds and 62% of people aged 35+ frequently using these online icons. 

With 92% of the entire online population engaging with emojis, businesses need to be aware of the impact that using them could have on their audiences. Currently, the 56% of brands that use emojis in their email subject lines experience a higher unique open rate. But by no means are we suggesting that every post, tweet and snap should be littered with emojis. Instead, simply add a couple of emojis to selected posts to make their use more authentic and to capture your audience’s attention.

For example, no one wants to see a social media feed full of: “👁 ❤️ ☕️!! 😍”. Instead, a post along the lines of, “We absolutely ❤️ coffee! ☕️”  would be a lot more effective due to its simplicity.

So in the spirit of World Emoji Day, why not get creative and experiment with emojis, and learn to speak the language of your audience! 😃 

World Emoji Day – Marks & Spencers by 3ManFactory from 3ManFactory on Vimeo.

World Emoji Day – Old Spice by 3ManFactory from 3ManFactory on Vimeo.

Article by Hannah Robinson


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