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Blog Preston, an independent regional news source run by some of the UK’s top journalists, needed a website that meant their readers could stay informed on-the-go. It needed to be easy to update, have the potential to be monetized, and be optimised for mobile. 


We developed a custom built website, with responsive design and rapid load times at the heart of it. A clean simple design would allow users to focus on what matters and it could be easily updated using WordPress CMS. 


By creating a clean, simple news site that performed well and loaded quickly across all devices, we were able to increase visitors to the site, and increase the amount they read once there. This meant that the great journalism from the Blog Preston team was being enjoyed by even more people, but it also mean that their potential offering for advertisers was increased too, making a real difference to their bottom line.


548% Page views increased by 200,000 Average number of monthly sessions increased 4.98 million pages views in 2016

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