Scare Kingdom

2014 Season

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Scare Kingdom Scream Park, one of the UK’s leading horror attractions, had a brilliant core base of attendees that was growing year on year, but they wanted to grow it faster. Their attraction was stellar & their request was simple; help us sell more tickets. 


We used social media to underpin our whole campaign, and strategic PR to catapult our messages to the masses. We ran a competition ‘The Worst Night of Your Life’, with a specialist horror event as the prize, it’s own website and social campaign to boot. We put journalists through their paces, circulated stories to national, regional and specialist press, ran digital advertising campaigns and created a lot of different media for social.


The results were scarily good. There was press coverage in abundance. Scare Kingdom was everywhere, from BBC News to MTV’s Geordie Shore, it was on the TV. From The Independent to the Daily Star, it was in the papers.  Makes sense then that ticket sales rocketed, with a 10% increase.

10% increase in ticket sales 3rd nationally in share of voice National media coverage

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