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The Financial Management Centre have a network of franchisees nationwide, but they want to grow it & really shout about it. They wanted to do all of this, but not the traditional way. They wanted to be brave and bold and shun the old fashioned franchisee recruitment route that was essentially brochures and meetings and more brochures and more meetings. 


We took their campaign and made it digital. Working as part of a multi-agency framework, we designed a series of programmatic marketing campaigns, ran digital advertising campaigns across Google Adwords, Facebook and Twitter, created and shared targeted social media content and created videos to easily introduce the brand.


The campaign stood out from other accounting franchise offerings and offered The Financial Management Centre a real point of difference. As a result, people who had looked at opening franchises with them a decade ago are coming back and re-investigating, they’re reaching their targets in huge numbers digitally and are actively fielding enquiries from new franchisees on a regular basis, much more so than they were previously. They’re so impressed with our work, it’s not ended and we’re proud to work alongside The Financial Management Centre on an ongoing basis.

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