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Marketing Case Studies


  • Digital strategy to encourage fibre-broadband take-up

Coronation Rock

  • PSI 2015 Exhiition

  • Brand Activation

Innova Solutions

  • Strongman - Mark Felix

My Fish Company

  • Wordpress Responsive Design

Premier BSE

Scare Kingdom

  • 2014 Season

Scare Kingdom

  • 2015 Season

Solent Homecare

  • Breathease 2016

The Financial Management Centre

  • Accountancy Business Without The Worry

The Rogue and The Wolf

  • Fair | Feral

UCLan – Civic Drone Centre

  • Civic Drone Centre

UCLan International Office – Study Abroad

  • Study Abroad

Marketing News

What are AVE and Vanity Metrics and Should We Measure Them In PR?

“We don’t want much, we just want to be in all the papers, on the front page of the internet – oh and if you […]

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