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Paw Paw Salad Challenge

As much as we love hatching marketing ideas and social media strategies for businesses, it’s important to have a little downtime. If you follow 3ManFactory on Twitter, you’ll know we’re occasionally stupid/competitive enough to take on challenges. Food challenges in particular it’d seem.

Not long ago, James wondered how many Digestives could be eaten in a minute. Seconds later, we’d racked up camera on tripod and stacked the Digestives high. So when Nathaniel led a boast that translated roughly into ‘I can eat anything spicy,’ we knew what we had to do.

Cue the paw paw salad. Described by the maker of this particular version as ‘an acquired taste,’ she gave a tiny portion to the boys at 3ManFactory. Bear in mind, this is usually eaten by the bowlful – which, if we’d eaten as much, we’re assured that ‘Nathaniel would have had flames firing from his arse.’ So – the Paw Paw Challenge: can Nathaniel handle the heat?

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