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Twitter Backgrounds and the New, New Twitter

If you’re still using the old Twitter, you’ll see that you will be ‘automatically be upgraded to New Twitter very, very soon.’ Don’t worry – you’ll get over it. In fact, it’s far better for tracking conversations and discovery, but that’s not what we’re looking at today. Today, it’s all about Twitter backgrounds.

In the merry days of Old Twitter, we designers had acres of space (well, at least 250 pixels) to provide you with a well designed, well branded background, complete with contact details, latest offers – something to make you really stand out.

How the old Twitter backgrounds appear

Then came New Twitter. New Twitter was hungry for space and at worst, gave us just 41 pixels to play with, though to be honest, most internet users had a screen resolution of at least 1280 x 768, so had around 108 pixels. Not exactly generous. It was at this point we stopped pushing to create Twitter backgrounds for businesses as the impact and value didn’t seem as relatable. It was still enough to brand, but also enough to piss an awful lot of people off.

How the new Twitter backgrounds appear

So when Nikki Hesford (@MissFitUK) contacted me to ask if Twitter had again moved the goalposts, I had to dig around. After all, I connect to Twitter mostly through 3rd party apps (which actually make up 75% of Twitter’s traffic) so it’s not often I look at peoples’ backgrounds. Worth noting that I was on Nikki’s background right before New Twitter was unleashed.  The point is, we’re both very au fait with Twitter backgrounds. But Nikki was right – Twitter have updated the dimensions again.So what does this mean?It means that I’ve reappraised the value of Twitter backgrounds. Going on the 1280 x 768 screen resolution, we now have about 172 pixels. If you’re not fluent in pixel, that’s about this much:

And that’s actually not too bad. That’s premium space to brand. That’s an extra place to promote your message. It’s another cheeky little space to tell people a little bit more about you. So with that in mind, I’d best go and re-do the 3ManFactory Twitter background…

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