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Share an image on Twitter

Back at the start of June, Twitter announced that Photobucket was to become the official partner for the new intergrated photo tool to make it easier for users to share content. Well, at last the masses are begining to see the following pop-up notification which alerts you that photos can now be uploaded without leaving the site.

Share an Image on Twitter

How to upload within Twitter

To upload using Twitters new photo service, simply locate and select the input field below the “What’s happening?” heading on the hompage once your logged in. Below the selected input box, two icons will appear by the bottom left hand corner. The camera icon simply acts as a button which will allow you to find and select the photos you wish to upload. Once you’ve selected the desired files, you’ll see an attachment panel, which you can easily delete if you decide not to post the content.

Once uploaded your tweet will very much your other tweets that use services such as Twitpic, Yfrog or Picplz and will simply contain a short URL (which in turn, links to the photo). However, instead of leaving the site you will be directed to a page containing you tweet and the attached image, which can then be selected to display a larger version.

Will you use this tool?

So that’s my question: with so many exsisting well established services available will you be making the switch to Twitter’s official partner?

Written by James Duffell

Article by James Duffell


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