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Firefox 6 with Tab Groups

Firefox have once again stepped ahead of the pack with their latest release, Firefox 6.0. It seems only moments ago that they launched Version 5 and I for one am still enjoying features like tab pinning and sync. This latest release though features a function that I think will become a standard companion for all public relations professionals (and anyone else addicted to surfing the web while constantly checking and rechecking their favourite sites). This new feature is Tab Groups.

In a similar style to how Google+ approached categorising contacts with Circles, Firefox have taken an existing concept (which in this case is fundamentally bookmarks altered the way in which we as users interact with them. Rather than having a folder style menu system, which is how the majority of browsers tackle bookmarks, Firefox 6.0 allows users to open up any number of tabs and then group them. These tab groups can then be quickly switched quickly and easily.

So far, I have approached Tab Groups from a public relations point of view. I have tab groups for regional news media, national newspapers, sector specific publications and so on. I have also created tab groups with my most frequently used work and personal websites. Much of this could be set up with an RSS reader, but there is something much more satisfying about having the immediacy of tab groups.

Written by Nathaniel Cassidy

Article by Nathaniel Cassidy


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