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Twitter Introduces the Activity Tab

What’s the Activity Tab?

Yesterday Twitter added the Activity tab.  Much like the Facebook news feed shows what your friends doing, Twitter’s  new Activity tab:

  • Shows who your followers have started following
  • Shows tweets which have been retweeted by users you follow
  • Shows tweets which have been favorited by users you follow
  • Shows which users have been added to a list by the users you follow

What are the Benefits?

  • It’s fantastic for uncovering useful and relevant people to follow: it’s likely you follow particular people because of shared interests. It’s likely too then that they interact with other similar likeminds.
  • Favouriting tweets is a fantastic way of bookmarking articles and curating content but how often do you look at others’ favourites? Notifications in your activity tab will hopefully lead the way to interesting content (just as rewteeting does).

A Little Extra

An additional new feature can be seen on the Mentions tab: instead of only showing who’s been mentioning you in tweets, it now shows users who’ve recently followed you (in a timeline style). Worth noting that there is an additional option at the top of this tab to exclude users who’ve recently followed you, and instead just show mentions.

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