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Hootsuite Introduces AutoSchedule

AutoSchedule from HootSuite is an amazingly useful function. It allows you to create multiple posts at any given moment, but rather than flooding your connections at once, it will spread out your posts for the most popular times of day based on your audience. Not only will it find the best times of day to share your content, it will also free you up so you can spend a few minutes each morning reading and auto scheduling, meaning you have live/recent content going out throughout the day.


With this being such a new feature, the HootSuite community have already asked a lot of questions. The official lines from HootSuite have been provided by Andy Au on the HootSuite blog; below are bullets which cover those questions:

  • AutoSchedule posts for your local time that is set by your computer
  • The timing takes into account the different social networks, so different networks will have different times
  •  There is no frequency control at this time
  •  There are no timing parameters that can be set (Ex. you cannot customize AutoSchedule to work from 9am – 5pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
  • AutoSchedule currently only works for 5 profiles at a time
  • AutoSchedule for mobile is currently not supported but it is on our roadmap

We’ve been using the AutoScheduling since it became available and so far, so good. Have you started using the AutoSchedule feature? What are your thoughts?


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