The New Twitter Profile: What You Need To Know

Twitter have unveiled and released the new look profiles to all users. Previously, only larger brands and organisations were privileged to customise their profile with a header graphic.  Your profile picture and your Twitter bio will appear over this, lending it much more prominence.

Twitter updates user profiles with header pictures

Twitter Profile Header

You can now upload a header graphic

  1. Go to the settings cog to the right of the top bar
  2. Select ‘Edit Profile’ (which you will see just below your name)
  3. On the sidebar menu, select Design
  4. Below the premade themes, you will see Customise Your Own
  5. Upload your header. The dimensions are to be a minimum of 1252×626  1200 x 600 and maximum file size of 5MB

Twitter Background

You can now position your Twitter background (left, centre and right), which is something we designers have been crying out for for years. What this means is that now you will be able to customise a background that will not suffer when the profile is viewed on different sized screens.

Twitter updates profile design settings


the frame that contains the Twitter content (streams, pictures and suggestions) can now bet set to either black or white


The image grid is now a much larger, more prominent grid of six. This could be something to consider when your tweeting images.



Article by Tom Stables


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