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For years I’ve loved poking around on the internet, looking at desk set-ups of other members of the digital community, mainly to create a wish-list or simply for inspiration. Well, it’s taken me some time but I’ve invested in some polish and thrown away some crisp packets and mine doesn’t look half bad, so I thought I’d share my current set-up and walk you through a few of my tools.

Technical Director Desk


I’m currently on my 3rd Mac Mini which has been a great little machine. I opted for this over a standard iMac as I personally am sick of the design of the iMac and, if I’m honest, I much prefer using my own monitors. Not to everyone’s taste, but it works perfectly for me. I don’t need a particularly powerful machine as I spend my days staring at code and slicing up PSD files and the Mac Mini  handles this without any issues.

The monitors are 21.5 inch Acer P225HQs (which must be a good 2 years old) with no sign of wear and tear (I’d have a tough time finding such reliable monitors again).


My MacBook Pro isn’t a day-to-day machine: this is the overtime machine which sees a fair amount of action during busy periods or when I’m out of the office and there are tasks which could really do with my attention.


The tablet is the iPad retina 3g version, which is the perfect tool for when out and about or when attending conferences. I’m not going to lie though: it’s my main tool for using at home though (very handy for catching up on iPlayer).

If anyone would be interested in a software / app version of this post, I can certainly run through the tools I use on a daily basis.


Currently using the Nexus , which is a cracking little device. I’ve not always been the biggest fan of Android after owning some pretty shoddy HTC devices but I’ve been astounded by the speed of this device.

What’s your desk set-up like? Are there tools I might be missing that you think would help?

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