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Google Tweaks Google+ Profiles

Google have officially announced some new tweaks that are gradually being rolled out to user profiles (this includes pages), below is a glimpse of the new cover photos & about sections of profiles.

Cover photos have gone from being a fairly sensible size to what can only be described as huge, the layout is fully responsive so the chances are if you’re using a small monitor you won’t be seeing the photo at its full scale but images at their largest are now 2120px by 1192px.

Google+ Plus New Cover Photo

The about section has also seen a major shakeup and is now broken into separate cards, which are broken into sections such as Story, Places, and Links. Like before, all fields still have the option to be restricted to different audiences depending on your preferences.

Google+ New About Page

Let us know what you think of these new tweaks, especially the humungous cover photos.

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