Get in touch Introduces Domain Verification have introduced domain verification, meaning users can authenticate their accounts to prove they’re legitimate. The process is extremely simple: we’ll walk you through the verification process in just a few easy steps. Domain Verification Steps

1. Log in to your ADN account and head to the ‘Settings’ page. From the list of available options, select ‘Domain Verification.’ Here you can insert the domain you wish to verify. domain verification

2. ADN will then provide you with an anchor & script tag which you’ll need to insert into the homepage of your website. Once completed hit the ‘Verify’ option. domain verification steps

3. Once verified you’ll be presented with an acknowledgment message.

Domain Verified on

4. To show users that a domain has been verified users will see a green tick next to the verified domain when visiting a profile.

3ManFactory Domain Verified on

Though the community is still relatively small and quiet, we still see it’s potential. We’d be interested to know what your thoughts are on this fledgling social network below.

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