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Spotify Introduces a Follow Button for Artists

Music streaming service Spotify has launched a follow button, allowing users to follow their favourite artists, promoters and discographies directly from web or mobile pages. The button previously existed, but was restricted to the compounds of Spotify itself. Now however, the idea has been unleashed, and the new feature has been designed to sit alongside links to following Twitter accounts, liking Facebook pages, etc., and is designed to make relevant profiles more accessible to music fans, as well as increasing Spotify’s public awareness on the web.

The button is free to use and as well as linking users to the artists profile, anyone who follows an artist will get updates as new tracks etc. are added.

It will help cement Spotify’s place as the default platform for music streaming online, giving the service an edge over rivals as it will not only tempt existing users to follow accounts, but is likely to entice new customers too! Additionally, giving artists/labels etc. an easy way to promote themselves and their music for free will do nothing but keep them happy.

Personally, I think the update is great. If we can follow artists on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc. without having to hunt for their profiles, it’s only right we can listen to their music in the same way.

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