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Top UK Twitter Trends Week 37

Whether it be the passing of an icon, £85 million football transfers or dodgy chat up lines; it’s all been going on on Twitter this week! Let’s take a look at ten of the top trends from the last week:

David Frost

Following the unfortunate passing of journalist, presenter, writer and TV personality Sir David Frost OBE over the weekend, thousands of people took to twitter to pay tribute to the late 74 year old who suffered a fatal heart attack. Whether it be a memory, a tribute or a link to a report etc. or a photograph, celebrities, TV stars and the general public alike all posting about Sir David this week, so it was no surprise to see him trending.


This Monday was the transfer deadline day in the UK Premiership, the countries top footballing league and perhaps the most famous league in the world. Hence, lots of people have been talking about all the last minute signings being made before it’s too late. As is always the case with football, there was a mixture of fact, commentary and banter from fans, publications and reporters alike.

With such a big week in football, it goes without saying that football related trends were rife all week; whether it was Gareth Bale’s £85million pound transfer to Real Madrid, Arsenal’s first and only signing taking place on deadline day, or Manchester United messing up the paperwork they needed for a vital last minute signing, footy fans have been all over Twitter this week!


This week thousands of people up and down the country will go back to school, and for those starting secondary school it can be a daunting experience. Like rabbits caught in headlights, they’ll venture into their new schools as the youngest pupils there, and this week the older pupils in schools all over the UK took to Twitter to hand out some “tips”. Some helpful, some not so.. and some just plain funny.

Walkie Talkie

This week, London really was burning – under the heat shone over part over the city from sunlight detracting off the Walkie-Talkie building! The glass building shone down rays that burnt so strong they melted a car! This obviously got people talking – but then reporters got creative. One news team chose to fry an egg in the heat and film it, another decided that a ghost, not science, was behind the fiasco. This all got people talking even more, so on Tuesday, Walkie Talkie was trending all day!

Ministry of Sound

Usually when we talk about music battles, we mean two ‘big’ artists are releasing music in the same week, or they’ve both been nominated for the same award.. but his week, things got serious! Music giants Ministry of Sound announced they are set to sue digital music streaming service Spotify over copyright infringement. For those of you who don’t know, Spotify works by allowing users to stream pretty much whatever song by whatever artist they want, with the option to save these songs to playlists. Ministry of Sound aren’t happy because Spotify is refusing to remove playlists created by it’s users that resemble the compilation CD’s created for sale by them. Twitter users have had of loads to say about this, and on Wednesday MoS were trending all day, and Spotify was trending quite a bit too! Turns out this isn’t a new thing either – according to MoS bosses they’ve been pursuing this for a couple of years now. So, let the battle commence.

XBox One

Microsoft have finally officially confirmed whats been on the rumour mill for months; the release date of the new console. On the 22nd of November the follow up to the 360 will go on the market – and its producers say the pre-sale orders have already sold out! Before the announcement, at 2pm on Wednesday, chat began to build momentum and by the time the big reveal was made, the console was one of the top trends in the world.


Chocolate bar KitKat and mobile phone creators Android have joined forces – and Twitter is all over it. Whether it’s KitKat’s clever new website, or Androids ad’s for their new operating system, aptly named ‘KitKat’, people just can’t shut up about this delicious collaboration! Take a look at KitKat’s fantastic new web design here at! Whats really got fans talking however isn’t just the clever marketing prowess of the respective teams, it’s the sneak peak Google have given us of the new Nexus 5 phone as part of their brand new ad!


Sometimes, things trend on twitter that have no relevance to news, world affairs or feelings. They trend because they’re just good fun. An example of that this week, was Thursday’s #WorstPickUpLines hash tag, where people put forward a whole load of chat up lines, designed to make people laugh more than to get their numbers. “If I  could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together”, or how about “how do you like your eggs in the morning?”. We all know a cheesy line a two, and this week people went tweet crazy with them! From the cheesy, to the funny to the just plain crude, all bases were covered.

Alan Hansen

On Thursday, football pundit Alan Hansen announced he was set to retire from his role as a pundit on the BBC’s Match of the Day programme and sports fans took to Twitter to talk about it. As if they hadn’t taken over Twitter already this week with transfer news, football fans just couldn’t wait to tweet about the icon stepping down – a move that split views and fans down the middle.

Buckingham Palace

It’s not unheard of for people to have their houses broken into when they go on holiday; however it’s slightly rarer for the Queen to have the walls of her palace to be scaled whilst she’s relaxing with the Duke of Edinburgh in Scotland. However, last week, one ambitious trespasser broke into Buckingham Palace! So, as you can imagine, everyone on Twitter was talking about it; so towards the latter end of last week, the palace was trending. People on the most part were discussing the lapses in security surrounding the royal grounds, and even the ‘Queen’ was tweeting about it…

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