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Vine Introduces Web Profiles

Since Vine allowed users to reserve custom web URLs, it was expected that web profiles were to follow on and sure enough here they are.

Vine web profile

In a similar fashion to the footsteps Instagram took when launching web profiles, users have custom URLs which link to a profile displaying the users content in a nice clean feed format. Along with this comes the ability to switch to ‘TV mode’ which essentially enlarges the users media player and consecutively plays the users content without needing to scroll from one Vine to the next.

Vine web tv mode

Aside from user profiles and a ‘TV mode’ there’s also a feed containing contents from the users you follow and a handy settings page allowing you to edit your profile and tweak the privacy controls for your profile.

Overall it’s a really impressive initial release from Vine but is it enough to make users make the switch from Instagram?

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