A Beginners Guide to Vloggers

Vlogging – it’s the internet craze taking teens by storm, catapulting young adults into celebrity status and influencing the way brands market to youths, but what is it, who does it and how can marketers join in?

Vlogging is quite simply, video blogging. It comes in all shapes and sizes and over recent years it really has taken the US and UK by storm, with millions upon millions of (usually pre-teens to young adults) tuning in to see regular updates from their favourite vlogger. Whilst some talk about lifestyle and beauty, others chat about food, fashion and daily life, often answering questions from their fans, followers and subscribers along the way.

Vloggers are becoming the next wave of celebrity, creating idealistic life goals for young adolescents and as such, brands are desperate to get involved. The stars in question have a captive audience that marketers worldwide are desperate for – generation Y. Arguably the most influential of the generations, they are the ones that determine what’s cool and what’s not, shaping popular culture. The cream of the crop of the vlogging community are proving to be as business savvy as they are chatty, cashing in whilst the buck is there to be made with top earners pocketing in excess of £20,000 from brands to feature their products in vlogs.

One of the biggest YouTube celebrities is Zoe Sugg. At just 24yrs old, she’s got her own make-up and beauty line in Superdrug, a bestseller under her belt (with the second installment in the pipeline), a host of brands desperate for a mention in her videos, she’s had a string of TV appearances (including Comic Relief’s Celebrity Great British Bake Off on BBC1), and she even featured on the most recent re-make of Band Aid’s ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas Time’ in 2014, pocketing herself a number 1 hit single. To put into perspective her online status, she’s got more subscribers than Beyonce.
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And it all started with just a camera, back in 2009. Put her with her boyfriend Alfie Deyes, also of Youtube and bestselling book fame, and you’ve got somewhat of a vlogging power-couple. With over 10 million subscribers combined and able to charge in excess of £50,000 per video, the couple have just bagged themselves a multi-million pound mansion and are showing no signs of slowing down!

And they aren’t alone, vlogging has become so popular that bonefide celebrities in their own right are jumping ship to YouTube, where they’re using their already huge followings to help them make waves in the vlogging stratosphere. McFly vocalist Tom Fletcher and supermodel Karlie Kloss are prime examples of this.

With gen Y being the most digitally enabled of all the generations, it’s no wonder they’re at the helm of this brand new marketing approach and in years to come, its popularity is only set to rise! If you want to talk to gen-Y without the vlogger price-tag, get in touch with us – we’re experts!

Article by Gem Bend


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