The Future Of Public Relations Best Practice Is Here

FuturePRoof2 The guide for managers of PR agencies and communication teams

#FuturePRoof: Edition Two launches with 39 new essays, on PR and communication from authors around the world, 1 of which is by me 😁📖🖋🎓

The first FuturePRoof book, released in October 2015, cast a critical eye over current concerns and future developments within PR and marcomms. It quickly became essential reading for communications professionals and business leaders alike and secured over 2,500 sales and downloads.

As with the first edition, the second book is a collection of essays by industry leading figures from across PR, communications, and marketing and continues the discussion around key opportunities and issues facing public relations, from convergence and skillset to boardroom recognition and the pace of change.

Although all the contributions have been written independently there seems to be a similar tone and feel throughout;

Competent communications professionals need to step up and ensure management teams understand how PR has changed and where it can bring real value.

The answer to where PR expertise can bring value is of course everywhere! This cross organisation value is something that is overwhelmingly backed up by the breadth of topics covered in the book. Competent PR practitioners both internal and external can and should bring value to every aspect of an organisation.

If you don’t don’t have good PR people around you, then seek them out.

FuturePRoof2 covers topics like;

  • audience insight
  • employee advocacy
  • influencer relations
  • tools and technology
  • agile strategy
  • business models
  • and much more.

My contribution examines crisis management in a social media age and what strategic decisions organisations need to consider to protect themselves from meltdown online.

All of this mirrors discussions that have been happening in the PR Council and Communications Council over recent months, about pushing PR in the boardroom, nurturing talent, thinking strategically and bringing business relevant objectives and metrics to the heart of marcomms reporting/analysis.

If you need to convince others how good public relations practice is an essential element of any successful organisation, then buy them this book.

Sarah Hall and Stephen Waddington have done a fantastic job in steering the project, and I’m extremely proud to have been involved.

Nathaniel Cassidy

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#FuturePRoof is available in hard copy via and on Kindle via Amazon.


Article by Nathaniel Cassidy

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