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6 Killer Ways To Use Twitter Moments for Business

3mf-social-media-image-templateTwitter recently announced that Moments are now available to all users. What does that mean, and why should you care? Well, in essence, Twitter Moments are a collection of tweets – your own or others’ – centred around a particular topic.

Previously only available to bigger names and brands, Moments give the opportunity to get even further mileage out of the Twitter platform. Wondering what on earth to create?

Here are 6 killer ways to use Twitter Moments for your business or brand:


1. Using Twitter Moments For Breaking News

Normally the preserve of news outlets, compiling useful tweets around a particular current or breaking story is something to consider. If there’s been a significant change in your industry that has set Twitter alight – compile tweets from leading commentators or leaders, mixed with popular reactions from others and you’ve got a compelling take on that story.


2. Using Twitter Moments For Recaps or Roundups

It might not be breaking news but the odds are it’s still relevant. Retelling the story with multiple viewpoints developed over time works as a useful resource for people. Just make sue you keep it short, perhaps over a week. Think about the weekly or monthly roundup blogs or newsletters you consume and how useful they can be – they reignite interest and spur further engagement, which is exactly what you want from your Moment.


3. Using Twitter Moments Tips, Guides and Hacks

If you’ve launched a new service or discovered people using your product in an interesting or unexpected way – use Moments to share those tips. Similarly, it could be that you want to share a simple step-by-step guide on how to use your service or product – creating a series of tweets and compiling them into a Moment is a great way or reaching out further…just as Twitter did to tell you more about Moments in this Moment!


4. Using Twitter Moments For News Clipping

If you’ve pushed a story out for yourselves or for a client, Moments is a superb way of collecting that news from the otherwise quick-paced world of Twitter. Presenting those stories in a public and positive way provides a powerful representation of your business or brand, without the distraction of all the other noise.


5. Using Twitter Moments For Reviews

Similarly, if people are saying good things about you, your business, brand or product, gathering them in a Moment is a must.

Harnessing this social proof lends a legitimacy that will help prospective customers or clients trust and buy from you more readily. To help generate positive more Tweets from your customers or clients, the strategy is simple: just ask!


6. Using Twitter Moments For Documenting An Event

This really is where Twitter earned its stripes – years ago, it provided a platform for group discussion around a particular topic by using a hashtag.

Moments is the significantly evolved version of this –  whether you’ve created the event or whether you’re simply attending, you can collect the most useful tweets for other attendees (and for those who couldn’t attend). From speakers’ accounts to audience experience, you can create a valuable, shareable insights and resource.

Ambitious brands and market leaders are sure to be looking at creative ways to use Twitter Moments – if you’ve got any questions about Twitter Moments or want to discuss your digital marketing needs, send us a tweet or send us a message.

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