Facebook’s Website Clamp Down

Big changes are coming to how Facebook favours websites. A Facebook blog was recently published, explaining of the upcoming changes to the rankings of sites, […]

Is your site working?

I’m not asking if you type in your browser does your website load;  I’m asking does your website work for you? Is it proving itself to […]

Why do we build in WordPress?

There are arguments for and against different CMSs and WordPress is certainly no exception, rather than whey up pros and cons of all these different […]

Autoplay on iOS10

Touted as the biggest release ever for Apple devices, iOS10 is packed full of new features & integrations, one I’m currently loving is the ability […]

WooCommerce Online & Offline

WooCommerce is a brilliant WordPress plugin for bringing eCommerce functionality to the CMS, with over 25% of eCommerce sites using the power of WooCommerce, the […]

Ding Dong, Internet Explorer is Dead

Software giants Microsoft have announced the death of one of its most known products, Internet Explorer, with Internet Explorer 11 being the last release of probably […]

Bring Snapchat to WordPress

The Snapchat Snapcode Widget is a cracking little plugin which provides an incredibly useful function to your WordPress website. Rather simply, the plugin creates a sidebar […]

Essential WordPress Plugins: Simple Page Ordering

The Simple Page Ordering plugin brings some incredibly useful functionality which I believe should be built into the core of WordPress. When building a theme you […]

Essential WordPress Plugins: Add Featured Image Column

Add Featured Image Column is a plugin I like to install simply to improve the experience of the users on the site. It’s one of those really […]

Essential WordPress Plugins: Regenerate Thumbnails

Regenerate Thumbnails is one of the plugins I’m first to install when working on a development build. It essentially lets me insert sample content once, […]

Use These Plugins & Contribute To WordPress

When new features make their way into standard WordPress, more often than not their functionality has started off as a plugin. Plugins that get on the […]

WordPress Site Icons

WordPress 4.3 brings with it the introduction of the site icons API, which gives the ability for site owners to define their own favicon within the dashboard, […]

Essential WordPress Plugins: WhatsApp Sharing Button for Jetpack

The Jetpack plugin from WordPress is a great way of adding some core WordPress.com features to your self hosted website; in particular, we’ll be looking […]

Dislike Button Coming to Facebook

You read that correctly, The Zuckerberg has announced that the platform will be introducing a dislike feature, to act as an exact opposite of the Like functionality […]

A Responsive Solution for Your Business

So let’s start off with a Craig David Rewind; it’s 2009 and I’m on my Sony Ericsson K800i (James Bond Edition) viewing Facebook. I’m not on […]

Instagram Search (for web)

Whinging works it would seem, as only a couple of weeks ago I was writing about the newly introduced hashtag functionality and remarked how it was […]

Twitter’s New Homepage

Twitter has just launched a refreshed homepage for its users, which actually has a useful purpose. The refreshed page curates content from the network by […]

A Refreshed Instagram.com

Last month saw Instagram.com get a long overdue refresh to its web platform. With the app being constantly updated the web platform hasn’t seen any […]

Instagram Hashtags (for Web)

Did you know that Instagram hashtags are also available on the web? Easily overlooked probably due to the lack of a search feature for the web version […]

Facebook Launches Web Messenger

Social media giant Facebook has launched its messaging service as a standalone desktop website. Messenger.com is the new gateway for the chat functionality that you can […]

Twitter WordPress Plugin

Twitter has at last released an official WordPress plugin to help integrate the social media platform with the popular blogging platform. Rather than allowing you to […]

Age Screening Through Twitter

Twitter has an age verification tool – a feature which for the most part went well under the radar, so below we’ll be looking at the […]

A Refreshed Twitter.com

Twitter announced yesterday evening that they’re in the process of rolling out a “refreshed Twitter.com” with the main aim being to replicate the feel of […]

Brand Consistency on YouTube

YouTube can be a great tool for businesses, but with loads of companies putting themselves out there, it’s important to make sure your brand remains […]

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